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What if the call results buttons do not display?

If the call results buttons do not display, click on Log Call to make them visible. Also if the call result is transferring to a queue, make sure agents have store permission to that queue in order for them to see the call result.

What is DNC?

Do Not Call

What is the difference between Schedule a callback and Add to DNC list?

The DNC list will apply to duplicate leads, leads from other campaigns, and all fulfillment queues.

What is a call result abbreviation?

Call result abbreviation is a shortened form of a call result, for example Not Available would be NA.

Can I make a call result open into a list of related call results, or a sub-menu?

Yes, you can create categories and have sub categories by going to Agent Options>Edit Call results>Create a new Category.

What does the Transfer to a Queue option do?

Transfer to a queue will move the lead to another queue. For example, transferring a lead to the appointments queue will move the lead from wherever it was and move it to the appointments queue.