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What are the different Variables I can use?

A complete list of the Variables you can use can be found in the Edit Email Template section by clicking on Show All Variables

How do I get information from the Profile into my Script?

To have information from a Profile, Lead, User, or Call Log be included in your Script, you can use Variables. A Variable looks at a specific field in a specific location, and will replace itself with the information it finds when the Script is opened in a Profile.

How are variables entered?

Variables are entered as (FieldLocation.FieldName), with the open and close bracket on both ends, and the period in the middle. The FieldLocation can be Profile, Lead, User, or CallLog. The FieldName is the name of the Field you want to get information from. For example, to get the First Name from the Profile, the Variable would be (Profile.First Name) and would then insert the text found in the First Name field in the Profile into the Script. After using Variables in a Script, make sure to open a Profile and check that the Variables are getting the right information.