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What do the sliders do?

The sliders for a speed plan determine how many calls per agent (CPA) will be dialed when a particular number of agents are simultaneously waiting for calls from that playlist. Each slider, other than the first one on the left, has 2 tabs that can be moved. The light colored tab adjusts the CPA while the dark colored tab adjusts the number of agents. The first slider on the left is always for 1 agent.

Why is there only one tab on the first slider?

The first slider on the left is set for 1 agent, so the system dials at a speed of 1 CPA for a total of 1 call at a time. Only the CPA can be adjusted for this slider.

What are the plus signs (+) to the right of the sliders for?

Clicking on the plus sign (+) to the right of a slider will add another slider.

How are the number of calls calculated?

For a slider, the number of agents waiting set is multiplied by the CPA giving the total number of calls at a time.

What happens if I have more agents waiting then I have defined for sliders?

If there are more agents then what is defined for the rightmost slider then the system will use the CPA of the rightmost slider to calculate the total number of calls at a time.

How can I remove a slider?

All sliders other than the first one on the left can be removed by clicking the red X below the slider.

Why are my slider numbers displayed in red?

Any slider that has a lower CPA than the slider to its left is improperly configured and will be displayed in red to indicate that the configuration is not logical.

What is the abandon threshold?

The abandoned threshold is the % of abandons the dialer will aim for while automatic speed is active.