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My agent has been waiting for several minutes already, she has already been doing calls.

Make sure that the agent is not on “Wrap Up mode”. You can verify this by going to the floor map and looking at the status of the agent. Check if there is an open lead profile on the agent’s system, and disposition the call.

My agent has finished their break time but is not available to be taking calls.

You can manually change their mode from the Floor Map. There are also time restriction options in Availability Modes that can change the mode of a user or users if they spend too much time in a certain mode in total or at one time. This can be used to switch them to a mode that is unpaid until they come back and change their mode to a ready mode. You can set and change these options in Alter Availability Mode.

I do not want my agents to be able to go into any other modes then the ones I want them to be in.

In the Alter Availability Mode screen, if you select a mode you can choose whether or not the mode can be "Selectable" or not thereby hiding the ability to select it.