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Why do I get a License Acquisition Error?

If you or one of your agents sees a License Acquisition Error when trying to login, either all of the necessary licenses are in use or an app that has been installed requires a license that is unavailable. To resolve this, try signing a user out or purchasing additional licenses. Alternatively, you can call us at XenCALL to verify your license

Can I change the Caller ID?

Initially, a user's Caller ID will be set to your default DID. However, you can give them the Set Caller ID permission to allow them to choose their own from your list of DIDs.

What are the "If Unavailable" options?

Options from the "If Unavailable" drop-down menu are: • No Voicemail - no voicemail options for agent. Phone will ring and eventually disconnect. • Voicemail - displays a secondary field labeled "Away Message", which allows you to upload or record a voicemail greeting for that agent. Also allows the agent to upload/record their own greeting via their own profile. • Forward Call - displays a secondary field labeled "Forward to", which allows you to enter a forwarding number. This must be a full phone number and not an extension.

What is User group/security information for?

These are sets of permissions added to your profile.